how to get rid of face discoloration


Unaesthetic skin discoloration is a problem of many people including those who put a lot of effort into skin care. If you are one of them, this article is for you. How to get rid of face discoloration? Is face bleaching cream efficient enough, or is there a necessity to address to a professional dermatology […]



Stem cells are considered to be a key to longevity and the newest possibilities of their use have been tested all over the world. How can we use their beneficial properties? Stem cells are undifferentiated, primary and immature cells of the body which have an ability of self-renewal, division and differentiation. Stem cells comply an […]



MAXIMIM DETOXIFICATION Do you experience a lack of energy, do you feel tired and have skin problems? Do you have digestive system ailments and cannot lose your weight? If at least one answer is positive, it means that it’s time for detoxification! What is detoxification? The first step is to clear the body from toxins […]

The test results sum up a 3-month supplementation with GET SLIM Line by Noble Health

Efficiency research of GET SLIM LINE Noble Health products was carried out during the period of 3 months on a group of 100 women aged 18-57. The research was carried out on a group of conscious, active women, readers of WOMEN’S HEALTH. The research and its analysis were sponsored by the magazine WOMEN’S HEALTH. The […]

Interview: Drugstores which contain pharmacies and parapharmacies regarded as a development opportunity for the dietary supplement market in Poland

PMR talks to Mrs Agnieszka Owczarek, the CEO of Noble Health, the Polish manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements, about the company’s expansion plans and the development prospects of the Polish dietary supplement market. Justyna Kukian: Could you please tell us about the origins of Noble Health? Agnieszka Owczarek: The origins of the company are related […]

IIFYM Not all calories are equal

Diet IIFYM (If it fits your macros) is becoming increasingly popular, especially among people lazy. Reverses upside down existing rules, which for years instilled in us a nutritionist. Can you eat sweets and fast food without worrying about weight? Although at first glance, it seems logical to counting the same number of calories from fat […]

Young barley – ingredient of the future

Products based on young green barley are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. Young sprouts improve vitality, de-acidify the body and help to lose weight. But is it only a healthy fad or maybe the beginning of a real barley revolution? Vitamin siege Young barley powder is a real Mercedes among supplements. Apart from ensuring nutritious […]

Combat cellulite before the summer

Cellulite does not appear on the skin overnight and unfortunately, it does not disappear equally fast either. In order to completely reduce it, you need to be systematic in every area. A diet, physical activity and a few tricks form a package with which you may combat even the most persistent cellulite. Find out what […]


It is easy to enumerate timeless things each of us should have in their wardrobes. A classic little black dress, comfortable and elegant shoes, a nicely tailored jacket form a perfect set. Is it the same in the case of cosmetics? One type of cream for women of all ages with different needs? Unreal as […]


During the autumn and winter season our body needs a special care. Temperature changes, raging bacteria and viruses are conducive to numerous infections. These include a runny nose, coughing, flu, fatigue or insomnia. How to take care of yourself to prevent the necessity of seeking medical help and taking antibiotics? How to strengthen your immunity? […]

Ewa Pacula and her share of beauty

“I found out about Collagen and Red-off system from my good friend whom, I believe, you all know from the TV screen. I know that she had great problems with brittle nails and dry skin, so when I saw how strong and long her nails are today, I obviously asked her how she did it. […]

Skin revitalisation after the summer

Summer and sunbathing we crave after the winter have a positive effect on our frame of mind, prevent osteoporosis, but may also have some negative effects, such as photoageing. Because of intensive sunbathing, particularly without protective creams with factors preventing skin burn, the skin cells become damaged. This particularly applies to a protein known as […]

Get in the mood for autumn!

In the October issue of the Gala magazine, Noble Health gives tips how to care for your good mood and skin condition in the autumn. Discover how to keep firm and shapely body when the weather does not encourage you to take up any activity.    

suplementy diety

Suplements: Who are they for and why?

Who should use dietary supplements and why? How to use them and which ones you should choose? Read all about supplements, their effects and use. Find out what to choose when you feel tired, and what when you need to improve the condition of your hair. Do you try to lead a healthy lifestyle and […]