Interview: Drugstores which contain pharmacies and parapharmacies regarded as a development opportunity for the dietary supplement market in Poland

PMR talks to Mrs Agnieszka Owczarek, the CEO of Noble Health, the Polish manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements, about the company’s expansion plans and the development prospects of the Polish dietary supplement market. Justyna Kukian: Could you please tell us about the origins of Noble Health? Agnieszka Owczarek: The origins of the company are related […]

Young barley – ingredient of the future

Products based on young green barley are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. Young sprouts improve vitality, de-acidify the body and help to lose weight. But is it only a healthy fad or maybe the beginning of a real barley revolution? Vitamin siege Young barley powder is a real Mercedes among supplements. Apart from ensuring nutritious […]