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IIFYM Not all calories are equal

Diet IIFYM (If it fits your macros) is becoming increasingly popular, especially among people lazy. Reverses upside down existing rules, which for years instilled in us a nutritionist. Can you eat sweets and fast food without worrying about weight? Although at first glance, it seems logical to counting the same number of calories from fat and protein in terms of energy, it is definitely not a good solution for our health and metabolism of long-term period. Why is that?

History of IIFYM

Proponents of the IIFYM theory state that you may eat an ice creams or candies or pizza, as long as the macronutrient (caloric) values of the food fit in within your total daily caloric consumption. If you look at it only from calories In, calories Out perspective – yes, that’s true, but in reality there is a lot more going on inside the body and believe me – it really matters where do you get your calories from.

Carbohydrates and protein

Let’s start from carbohydrates. The carbs from a pizza for example are mostly simple carbs, which means that they will create a spike in your insulin secretion, which will lead to destabilization of blood glucose levels and the likelihood of storing carbs as sugars. The same portion of carbs coming from brown rice will not create such insulin fluctuation and the glucose in the blood will be better accumulated in the muscle tissue as glycogen, rather than stored as fat. No matter the fact that you may still need those calories for energy, the high glycemic index of refined carbohydrates destroys the blood glucose equilibrium and flips the balance of the body. That’s bad, because it creates cravings for sugar and makes it hard for you to follow the diet.

Let’s take protein – the situation is similar. Not all proteins are equal, so 100 calories coming from whey protein doesn’t hold the same biological value as 100 calories coming from soy protein. Once again, we have two identical macronutrients with identical quantities, but one is superior to the other. Here comes another very important factor: some foods cause inflammatory response in the body, while others are anti-inflammatory. Most fast foods and processed foods cause serious inflammatory response and that’s one of the reasons they are proven to be harmful for your health. Chronic inflammation leads to chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

Pizza vs. vegetables

Last, but not least important reason is the amount of macronutrients contained in fastfoodach. Eating even a small amount of calories, we do not supply the body with virtually nothing of value. IIFYM diet better look with a grain of salt. It is worth to count calories and macros only when we are dealing with unprocessed products, preferably derived from nature.



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