It is easy to enumerate timeless things each of us should have in their wardrobes. A classic little black dress, comfortable and elegant shoes, a nicely tailored jacket form a perfect set. Is it the same in the case of cosmetics? One type of cream for women of all ages with different needs? Unreal as it may sound, there is an ingredient that guarantees improved looks regardless of the age and condition of your skin. It is collagen, the real Chanel No. 5 of dietary supplements. Find out how it can help you!


Collagen is a type of protein, which is produced in connective tissues of the human body. It is responsible for resilience and elasticity of the skin. Unfortunately, as we get older, the amount of this compound in our body gradually decreases. The skin loses moisture, density and first wrinkles start to appear. What is the actual course of this process?

When you are 20…

Everything seems simpler then. You enjoy wonderful (or at least not bad) metabolism. Your skin is fresh even after an all-night party, fine wrinkles around your eyes appear only sporadically and usually when you smile. Women in their twenties can provide their skin with good foundation for the next years. Some say that young girls should not use cosmetic with active ingredients, as they may make their skin “lazy”. It is a basic misconception. Properly selected products, that include collagen, intensively moisturize the body and ensure UV protection. This is the best thing you can give to your skin at this age.

And when you turn 30…

Your skin still looks great, but you should provide it with more intensive care. You will surely need an eye cream with vitamin C that will reduce the wrinkles. After all, it is the time when you are professionally fully active, not to mention your second shift at home. However, an obstinate problem that may start to bother you is cellulite – a nightmare for women over 30. The orange peel syndrome is one of the causes of collagen loss in the skin. You may replenish it by regular supplementation of your diet, e.g. by using Class A Collagen pills from Noble Health. The cellulite reacts well to massages, peeling and shea butter creams. When selecting face care products, choose intensively moisturizing sera and peel-off masks.

This is US – 40-year olds!

It is sometimes difficult to hide the signs of fatigue on your face. You notice loss of skin moisture, discolorations and your metabolism starts to considerably slow down. Can it only get worse? Nothing further from the truth! All your skin needs is a powerful dose of nourishment. Remember that you may enhance your looks no matter how old you are, it is never too late. Invest in good and tested products, which contain a high amount of collagen or retinol. Both substances have intensive smoothing effects. There is only one condition – they must be used regularly. If you select pills with collagen, take them in the morning and in the evening. Your skin regenerates faster at night.

If you are over 50…

You have surely noticed inevitable deepening of the wrinkles, facial lines and a change in your face shape. This is caused by decreased levels of the female hormone called estrogen. Your hair becomes thinner and new neckline and cleavage wrinkles appear. The number of collagen fibers in your body drops significantly compared to only several years before. But this is not the end of the world, nor a reason for worries! Reach for two things: a good dietary supplement and a lifting cosmetic, e.g. a mask or a cream. Select products which contain e.g. hyaluronic acid, a grape seed extract and biotin. They will improve the density of your skin and visibly reduce fine wrinkles.

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