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Skin revitalisation after the summer

Summer and sunbathing we crave after the winter have a positive effect on our frame of mind, prevent osteoporosis, but may also have some negative effects, such as photoageing. Because of intensive sunbathing, particularly without protective creams with factors preventing skin burn, the skin cells become damaged. This particularly applies to a protein known as collagen. The production of natural collagen remains at the level of 100% up to the age of 25. A similar process takes place in the bones where collagen also plays an important role, particularly with regard to joints and tendons. On average, we lose about 1.5% of collagen a year, after the age of 40 and 50 we lose about 30% of this protein, while after the age of 60 – 45%, that is nearly a half.
With age the collagen production drops, and about the age of 70 our organism is able to produce only 25% of this protein. The process of collagen production drop is accelerated by free radicals that are created as a result of organism toxication, solar damages, smog and environmental pollution.

As a result of collagen loss, some unfavourable changes take place in the organism:
– collagen fibres that support the skin become fragmented, which results in the loss of elasticity and firmness of skin,
– wrinkles appear, particularly near the eyes, neck and chin. The face oval becomes lowered,
– the joints and muscles also suffer from degenerative changes, the muscles grow flabby,
– collagen deficiency also leads to changes in hair and nails which become fragile and brittle.
Collagen is also the main building materials for capillary vessels, so its deficiency causes extracellular fluid circulation disorder which, in turn, causes insufficient moisturising of the skin and all internal organs.

You can avoid all those problems by supplementing natural collagen deficiency in your organism. The scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdańsk developed a system for the extraction of collagen from sea fish which is hypoallergenic (fish do not have an immune system). The collagen protein obtained in this way is easily digestible. The oral administration of collagen speeds up the process of repair of skin, muscle fibres, joint cartilages, improves moisturising, firmness and elasticity. Collagen accounts for 50-80% of all proteins in the organism. Apart from the fish collagen, the Collagen preparation by Noble Health contains also Vitamin C, Vitamin E and dark grape seed extract. When combined, these ingredients work together and increase the effectiveness of the above-mentioned preparation.

  • Vitamin C improves the collagen absorption, acts as antioxidant fighting free radicals and strengthening the immune system.
  • The grape seed extract contains procyanides which are antioxidants stronger than Vitamin C and Vitamin E sealing the capillary vessels.
  • Vitamin E has an extreme nutritious effect on the skin as an antioxidant strengthening hair and nails.

These advantages of the Noble Health Collagen preparation encouraged me to use it with patients of different ages and suffering from various problems. For young patients who have the right collagen level it reduces acne, expanded skin pores and post-inflammatory discolouration. The post-solar discolouration becomes brighter. The skin is better moisturised and firmer, which leads to shallower wrinkles and firming, particularly at the neck and eyes where there is little of hypodermic tissue. The favourable effects of the product may also be observed all over the body with the firmer hypodermic tissue and improved micro-circulation which leads to reduced cellulite. The joint movement is also improved due to better hydration and nutrition of periarticular tissues and muscle tendons. The effects can be observed in a couple of weeks after the use of 1-2 packages, depending on the age and skin condition. What is also important is the ease of preparation application, no allergic reactions and no interaction with other drugs.

Jadwiga Matla-Stodolna
Specialist in Dermatology, Cosmetology and Acupuncture

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