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The test results sum up a 3-month supplementation with GET SLIM Line by Noble Health

Efficiency research of GET SLIM LINE Noble Health products was carried out during the period of 3 months on a group of 100 women aged 18-57. The research was carried out on a group of conscious, active women, readers of WOMEN’S HEALTH. The research and its analysis were sponsored by the magazine WOMEN’S HEALTH.

The test results sum up a 3-month supplementation with GET SLIM Line by Noble Health and a dietary-training program developed by GET SLIM CLUB.


The dietary supplement GET SLIM LINE is based on WELLNESS values and functional nutrition. It is followed by people who would like to feel good with their own bodies. “Wellness” is connected with a healthy, active lifestyle and a good physical condition. In order to achieve this goal it is necessary to follow a proper nutrition, which means a diet rich in balanced products, including dietary supplements. However, the concept of “functional nutrition” comes from Eastern philosophical tradition. This means nutrition which apart from nutritive values also has a positive impact on the body. It can influence both physical properties, such as improvement of your metabolism, reduction of appetite for sweets, and psychical, such as improvement of your condition.



The research was carried out in the period between 1st of March and 31st of May 2015 with the help of computer added personal interviews, using an anonymous questionnaire which had been worked out before. The questionnaire contained multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions. The representative sample was selected by Noble Health and Women’s Health diversely on the basis of previously sent applications. The final group consisted of 100 women aged 18-57 from various parts of Poland. Among them there were young mothers, students and managing directors of large companies. Each of them had tried to lose weight unsuccessfully using different types of diets. All of the diets and products were inefficient and ended up with the yo-yo effect.



Materials used to produce GET SLIM Line are based on natural, selected components known for their slimming properties:


  • Green coffee contains compounds accelerating fat burning. The GET SLIM LINE guarantees maintenance of a high content of chlorogenic acid (up to 30% more than in regular green coffee) which enhances the body to burn adipose tissue accumulated in the body. At the same time it reduces absorption of carbohydrates. More than that, green coffee enhances production of energy during the day. It reduces absorption of sugar and enhances the body to active usage of accumulated stocks.
  • Green tea is an effective weapon to struggle against extra kilos. Being a rich source of catechin it stimulates fat oxidation and helps accelerate metabolism. It also reduces the amount of bad cholesterol.
  • Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which warms the body making it accelerate the process of burning calories. The pepper is used by celebrities in order to reduce cellulite and their body mass. Cayenne pepper is known all over the world as it reduces appetite and prevents snacking between meals.
  • Bitter orange reduces appetite and facilitates removing of toxins coming from metabolism. Thanks to the containment of synephrine, bitter orange enhances metabolism, which causes burning of a larger amount of calories. In order to obtain more energy when building muscle proteins synephrine destroys the accumulated fat.
  • Chromium is an element which has an influence on proper metabolism of carbohydrates, thanks to it the level of blood glucose is regulated. It reduces the body demand for sweets.
  • Guarana extract increases metabolism, enhances burning of adipose tissue and reduces the feeling of hunger. Additionally, it enhances concentration.
  • Aloe has a positive influence on fatigue, it stimulates metabolism in the periods of rest, enhances removal of by-products of the metabolism (detoxifying effect) and improves functioning of the immune system.
  • Bitter orange fruit helps maintain proper body weight, metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. Synephrine of a bitter orange enhances fat burning.
  • Hop has a relaxing effect, enhances optimal relaxation, falling asleep and healthy sleep.
  • Field horsetail enhances slimming at a low-calorie diet.
  • Glucomannan is a world trend in slimming. It reduces the appetite and prolongs the feeling of satiation. It is ideal for people who have a tendency to have snacks in the evening.
  • Riboflavin, thiamine, vitamins B6 and B12 enhance energy metabolism.
  • High content of zinc enhances maintenance of proper metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids and other nutritive macro-components.



 GET SLIM LINE is a complex formulation consisting of four complementary steps. Its effectiveness is confirmed by an international award given by COSMOPOLITAN 2015. The program was worked out and recommended by nutritionists, trainers and psycho-nutritional therapists. Observance of the rules guarantees a decrease of 6 to 10 kg of weight and a permanent change of nutrition habits. The program works fast and its first effects, confirmed by the participants of the experiment, are visible after the use of the first package.


  • The GET SLIM MORNING dietary supplement is the first step of supplementation in an everyday slimming process. The green coffee extract and concentrated cayenne pepper extract enhance and warm up the body in the morning. Thanks to this they actively enhance burning of the accumulated fat. GET SLIM MORNING tablets cause a 40% increase of physical exercise effectiveness. They are recommended to those who do not have enough time for long trainings. Thanks to active substances and mineral ingredients they enhance the body to burn calories faster during the whole of the day.


  • Comfortable to use GET SLIM DAYTIME sachets, which should be dissolved in water or any other favourite drink, are the second step. The sachets should be used regularly, according to recommendations at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., they guarantee maintenance of proper level of sugar during the day. It was observed in many research that at that time the body experiences a sudden decrease of sugar, which causes consumption of a greater amount of calories (about 200 calories more). Effectiveness of GET SLIM DAYTIME is visible after the first package – appetite for sweets and snacks during the day is two times less. Regular drinking of a beverage based on the GET SLIM DAYTIME guarantees a faster introduction of proper nutrition habits. The substances contained in them are, among others, green coffee and guarana, which add energy and improve concentration. They intensively enhance the process of adipose tissue burning (EGCG, Guarana).


  • The GET SLIM NIGHT dietary supplement is the last step in everyday supplementation of the slimming process. Sleep is one of the most important and often neglected elements of slimming. Doctors emphasize the dependence between a lack of sleep and putting on weight. During the phase of a deep sleep growth hormone is released. Its task is to regenerate all of the cells. To do it, the body uses a lot of energy gained from the accumulated resources of the adipose tissue. The GET SLIM NIGHT dietary supplement helps reduce the fat accumulated during the sleep and enhance the metabolism. It improves regeneration and reduces evening appetite. Additionally, such components as aloe, hop and field horsetail have a relaxing effect, that is why this product is recommended to those people who have problems with falling asleep.


  • GET SLIM CLUB is a 13-week online program. Its participants get short, intensive trainings, everyday recipes for simple dishes and experts’ advice in every domain (coach, nutritionist, trainer and psycho-nutritional therapist). Every day you receive a message to your email box with a precise diet, exercise instructions and practical advice.


The GET SLIM Line dietary supplements are 100% safe. Their use does not cause any side effects. A lack of protective coating causes that they do not upset the stomach nor the whole body. Extracts of high quality natural components are used for their production. The products can be used by people of any age.

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After the test every participant answered the questions in an anonymous questionnaire. The results were superb and confirmed effectiveness of all the products. More than 96% of the participants would recommend the GET SLIM LINE to a close person – mother, friend, acquaintance. The system based on natural biological clock confirms that in order to obtain desired effects it is necessary to take appropriate substances at proper times of the day. This division guarantees a long term weight loss without the yo-yo effect. This guarantees a 100% change of nutrition habits for good. The body that receives essential nutritional components at regular times of the day does not cumulate the adipose tissue, its metabolism is at a constant high level. More than that, it does not send an impulse to the brain with a desire to have additional sweet or salty snacks between the main courses.


All of the participants lost 627 kg totally, which confirms the principles of the GET SLIM LINE program. Each participant lost extra kilograms – from 3 to even 12 kilos. Additionally, the participants noticed that after the use of the GET SLIM LINE diet they had more energy to work, a decrease of appetite for sweets and a faster digestion. All of that was achieved without tiring exercise and a rigorous diet. The GET SLIM LINE is a program designed for everybody, regardless of their initial weight, gender and a level of physical activeness.



“Thanks to the GET SLIM LINE dietary supplements I noticed an improvement of my metabolism, a lack of willingness to eat sweets (and it was my major addiction which I couldn’t overcome) and more energy.”


“I tried different diets and nothing helped me. I could not get rid of kilograms and “the sides”. I am positively baffled with the GET SLIM LINE. Thanks to participation in the program I lost 5 kg, my figure changed and I have more energy, I am feeling healthy and light. For me it is an ideal solution. All these steps caused that I lost extra kilos, changed my nutrition habits, it means that I won’t experience the yo-yo effect!”


“The best investment which a human can do is an investment into their own health. The GET SLIM LINE guarantees that this investment pays off twice. Not only health, we also gain vitality, WEIGHT LOSS and excellent wellness. I recommend it to everyone!”


“If you feel bad with your body, and when you look in the mirror, you do not smile, pull yourself together and do it for yourself! Take part in GET SLIM LINE and make yourself smile every day. The effects speak for themselves. I lost 8 kilos and my weight is still decreasing.”


Thanks to GET SLIM LINE I achieved my dream goal and my weight BEFORE two pregnancies. The most important is that it does not take much time because having two small kids I lack time for everything :). The effects are amazing. The first effects became visible just after three weeks. Take your chance!!! I am grateful I had a chance to be a part of this program.”


“Me is an example that without much sacrifice I lost 9 kilos, it’s worth it, worth it, worth it! I’m recommending it to my friends :).”


“Noble Health dietary supplements are really tasty in comparison to other products available on the market. The GET SLIM DAYTIME sachet for drinking gives a lot of energy and strength for work. It works better than coffee and we do not want to each so much during the day. Apart from slimming, I am extremely satisfied with a stable metabolism and more energy. I changed my habits and my lifestyle. What is more, I improved my nutrition habits and day by day I am gradually getting slimmer without the yo-yo effect. I have already bought another Get Slim set. I recommend it to everyone!”






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