During the autumn and winter season our body needs a special care. Temperature changes, raging bacteria and viruses are conducive to numerous infections. These include a runny nose, coughing, flu, fatigue or insomnia. How to take care of yourself to prevent the necessity of seeking medical help and taking antibiotics? How to strengthen your immunity? It is best to use the wide array of products offered by nature. Apart from the valuable in this season honey, ginger, lemon and garlic, it is also worth to try algae. A supplement that will care for our immunity and the immune system is Duo Spirulin from Noble Health. This is a product that combines unique properties of two algae – freshwater chlorella and marine spirulina.

Double power of algae

Chlorella and spirulina are algae with unique properties. They are well known in Asian countries, where they are added to the majority of dishes. Algae became popular when they started to be used in the cosmetic and health care industry.

Chlorella is a freshwater alga, which cleanses and nourishes the body. The biggest advantage of this alga is its record-high content of chlorophyll, which is double the amount found in vegetables. This makes chlorella a perfect blood purifier, removing metabolic waste, including accumulated toxins and heavy metals. It additionally has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Spirulin, in turn, is a marine algae. It contains many valuable ingredients, such as: amino acids, B vitamins, as well as vitamins A, C, E, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc and many other. It is particularly recommended to vegetarians as a source of whole protein, as well as to athletes and persons with chronical diseases to strengthen their bodies. It provides a stimulus for production of own energy and thanks to that it reduces the symptoms of fatigue. Spirulina suppresses the appetite and is conducive to proper functioning of the digestive system.

Duo Spirulin from Noble Health contains not only a combination of two algae, but also a set of vitamins and minerals. The supplement also constitutes a perfect source of nourishment for the body, help in slimming and body cleansing processes, as well as offers antiviral effects.

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