The test results sum up a 3-month supplementation with GET SLIM Line by Noble Health

Efficiency research of GET SLIM LINE Noble Health products was carried out during the period of 3 months on a group of 100 women aged 18-57. The research was carried out on a group of conscious, active women, readers of WOMEN’S HEALTH. The research and its analysis were sponsored by the magazine WOMEN’S HEALTH. The […]

IIFYM Not all calories are equal

Diet IIFYM (If it fits your macros) is becoming increasingly popular, especially among people lazy. Reverses upside down existing rules, which for years instilled in us a nutritionist. Can you eat sweets and fast food without worrying about weight? Although at first glance, it seems logical to counting the same number of calories from fat […]

Combat cellulite before the summer

Cellulite does not appear on the skin overnight and unfortunately, it does not disappear equally fast either. In order to completely reduce it, you need to be systematic in every area. A diet, physical activity and a few tricks form a package with which you may combat even the most persistent cellulite. Find out what […]

suplementy diety

Suplements: Who are they for and why?

Who should use dietary supplements and why? How to use them and which ones you should choose? Read all about supplements, their effects and use. Find out what to choose when you feel tired, and what when you need to improve the condition of your hair. Do you try to lead a healthy lifestyle and […]