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Suplements: Who are they for and why?

Who should use dietary supplements and why? How to use them and which ones you should choose? Read all about supplements, their effects and use. Find out what to choose when you feel tired, and what when you need to improve the condition of your hair. Do you try to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow the principles of good nutrition? You certainly know that optimum diet should contain wholesome products rich with vitamins and minerals, and if you wish to keep your health and good looks, you should provide the organism with all ingredients necessary for living. Unfortunately, following all these rules is difficult on a day-to-day basis. You do not always have time to prepare wholesome breakfast, dinner and supper. The supplements will help you to eliminate all deficiencies of indispensable nutrients.

What is a supplement? A dietary supplement is a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and microelements, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, fibre and vegetable substances and probiotics coming from regular food. But you need to remember that it is not a medicinal preparation. Its basic role is to reduce the risk of becoming ill or the development of illnesses. The supplement is to strengthen your immunity and keep the organism in good condition. The nations that are most aware of the need for dietary supplementation are the Japanese and the Americans. It is no accident that Japan holds the first place in the world in terms of longevity of life. Even 90% of people living in this country take dietary supplements. In America 80% of society uses them.

Who are dietary supplements for? First of all, they are for healthy and active people. They are used for the prophylaxis of illnesses. In extraordinary cases, they can be used by ill persons but only on doctor’s orders. You need to remember that the supplements do not play medicinal functions.

Why dietary supplements become so common? The need to support your diet with supplements stems from the rapidly deteriorating condition of the natural environment which is caused by dynamic technical progress. Chemical and radioactive pollution, and operation of electromagnetic fields cause irreversible damage to nature. Cultivation with the massive use of chemical fertilisers, animal breeding with hormonal feed, as well as exhaust fumes, dust and soot cause that you live in the less and less friendly environment, and the immunity of your organism decreases. That is why many countries started to offer broad-scale education to introduce a new culture of nutrition. Supporting diet with supplements has become one of its basic rules. They are to provide the organism with the deficient nutritious substances, and restore its lost natural self-adjustment properties. How people choose supplements? Every third person uses dietary supplements when feeling physically weaker (31 percent). Another reason is illness (30 percent). Only 28% of the respondents uses them for prophylactic reasons. The most probable barrier for broader use of supplements is the misconception present among the Poles that they are expensive. Healthy life style is the cheapest way to keep yourself healthy. What is more, dietary supplements are an effective weapon in your battle against ageing effects.

Which supplement should you choose? The market offers a broad range of dietary supplements that can be easily adapted to the consumers’ needs. You may adapt them to your own health- or beauty-related needs. The best products are developed through the combination of natural resources, vitamins and minerals.


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