how to get rid of face discoloration


Unaesthetic skin discoloration is a problem of many people including those who put a lot of effort into skin care. If you are one of them, this article is for you.

How to get rid of face discoloration? Is face bleaching cream efficient enough, or is there a necessity to address to a professional dermatology clinic?
Summer is already finishing and we have spent many days sunbathing. Sunbathing is very pleasant and usually we have a beautiful golden tan. Sometimes, however, sunbathing causes disorders in melanin production, which is a skin pigment. That is why face discoloration appears.
Face spots can spoil our vacation mood. And this is unnecessary because there are s lot of effective means how to get rid of hyper pigmentation. We have home, the so called “granny’s” remedies, excellent face bleaching creams, and professional treatment. Are all skin discolorations the same? Of course not – face spots are of different shape and kind. They can be: freckles (ephelides), melasma (chloasma, melasma), age spots (letingines seniles) and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Sounds scary, but skin discoloration does not require pharmacological treatment. However, if its unaesthetic look does not appeal to you, you will surely learn how to get rid of face hyper pigmentation.

How to get rid of face discoloration – at home?

– if skin discoloration is small, then natural home remedy may be enough and skin bleaching cream will not be necessary at all. A few times a day treat face spots with fresh cucumber, tomato or lemon juice,
– it is also recommended to use face bleaching cream. How to choose good face bleaching cream? It should contain such ingredients as: hydroquinone, azelaic acid, kojic acid, arbutin and vitamin C. There are people who consider tretinoin to be the best face bleaching cream which is bought at pharmacies.

How to get rid of face discoloration – in a beauty parlour?

– if face bleaching cream is insufficient, then it is worth visiting a specialist who will advise how to remove face hyper pigmentation. The best period to do it is autumn when we are not exposed to intensive sun light radiation. An aesthetic dermatologist has a special lamp which facilitates them in diagnostics of face hyper pigmentation,

– even the best face bleaching cream will not give you such effects as professional peel. A bleaching cream just whiten the spots; however, the peel will exfoliate the epidermis touched by hyper pigmentation. The best effect is reached after about four treatments,

– much better effect than the best face bleaching cream is achieved by laser treatment. A specially selected beam of light destroys darker spots.

Unfortunately, the methods mentioned above cost a fortune (one peel costs about a few hundred PLN, and laser treatment is much more expensive – even a few thousand PLN). These treatments are not affordable for everyone. So, how to get rid of face discoloration? In most cases a well selected skin bleaching cream should be enough.

As far as spots do not disappear totally, you can use traditional foundation which provides good coverage. And as a piece of advice for the future: the best cream for skin discoloration is that one which protects against it. That is why, before exposing yourself to sunrays, use high SPF sun creams. If you follow this advice, you will not need any face bleaching creams.

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