Ewa Pacula and her share of beauty

“I found out about Collagen and Red-off system from my good friend whom, I believe, you all know from the TV screen. I know that she had great problems with brittle nails and dry skin, so when I saw how strong and long her nails are today, I obviously asked her how she did it. […]

Skin revitalisation after the summer

Summer and sunbathing we crave after the winter have a positive effect on our frame of mind, prevent osteoporosis, but may also have some negative effects, such as photoageing. Because of intensive sunbathing, particularly without protective creams with factors preventing skin burn, the skin cells become damaged. This particularly applies to a protein known as […]

Get in the mood for autumn!

In the October issue of the Gala magazine, Noble Health gives tips how to care for your good mood and skin condition in the autumn. Discover how to keep firm and shapely body when the weather does not encourage you to take up any activity.    

suplementy diety

Suplements: Who are they for and why?

Who should use dietary supplements and why? How to use them and which ones you should choose? Read all about supplements, their effects and use. Find out what to choose when you feel tired, and what when you need to improve the condition of your hair. Do you try to lead a healthy lifestyle and […]