Noble Health


Since 2009 the Noble Health brand has been changing the Polish market of dietary supplements. It builds its offer on top quality natural active ingredients combined in innovative formulas with the use of state-of-the-art technologies. It boldly confronts its activities with the experts’ assessment, and strives to regularly enhance the offered products. As an expert brand, it provides its customers with professional knowledge and proven methods of care.

Noble Health is an active company present at specialist conferences devoted to health and beauty that are held both in Poland and abroad. Its systematic work on the brand offer and positive reception among the consumers enabled the company to reach a broad group of recipients. Thanks to its cooperation with top chemist’s brands of ROSSMANN, Super-Pharm and Hebe, the Noble Health products are available all over Poland.

Being an expert is an obligation, so Noble Health cares for the development of the company and its offer, and invariably focuses on top quality and natural ingredients.

How are Noble Health nutri-cosmetics made?

The Noble Health nutri-cosmetics constitute a gesture of high regard for top quality, innovative formulas and state-of-the-art technology. Products are created in response to the needs of most demanding consumers, in order to efficiently solve their every-day care problems. The Noble Health nutri-cosmetics…


are produced in Poland in line with the European Union standards on the basis of the HCCP quality system which is required with respect to dietary supplements production. All products are created on the basis of natural materials and extracts free from genetically modified substances submitted by carefully selected suppliers. The machine park in which the products are manufactured was prepared in a modern technology and is fully automated.

Thanks to such approach, the Noble Health nutri-cosmetics are top quality products and the system of their production ensures full accuracy, precision and recurrence of the production process. Each stage of production of the Noble Health nutri-cosmetics is documented in line with the HCCP system for quality assurance which is deployed.

Why does your skin need dietary supplements?

Even though skin ageing is a natural and unavoidable process, this process may take place slower or faster, depending on several important factors. Unfortunately, we cannot influence all of them. Genetic determinants are unchangeable and environmental conditions are not always easy to change……


However, you can influence the applied skin care.


Skin ages just like the rest of the body and as a result of this process, through degradation of collagen type I and III, hypertrophy and decomposition of elastin and hyaluronic acid, fibrillar proteins in the skin are damaged. As a result of these changes, wrinkles are visible in the skin; there is a drop in skin flexibility and firmness, as well as uneven pigmentation and trouble spots. A very important role in reducing these unfavourable changes is played by proper skin care. It is necessary to supplement it with properly chosen supplements, which contains an optimum combination of ingredients ensuring improvement of skin and hair dysfunctions related to nutritional deficiencies. The Noble Health brand products contain substances indispensable for proper functioning of the skin on the molecular level, which, in combination with proper skin care, may contribute to slowing down of exogenous skin ageing processes.

Get to know the secret of efficiency of the Noble Health nutri-cosmetics

Thanks to an innovative combination of carefully selected top quality materials, the Noble Health nutri-cosmetics very well protect the condition of your body from the impact of harmful external factors and deficiencies in every-day diet. Proper supplementation is the invaluable support for…


the operation of your organism. The Noble Health nutri-cosmetics owe their efficiency to top quality natural ingredients.

The basic ingredient of the Collagen supplement is the most efficient collagen available at the cosmetology market, i.e. fish collagen. Other types of collagen have a multi-molecule structure, which prevents them from reaching and efficiently impacting the reconstruction of collagen fibres and improving skin firmness. In contrast to them, fish collagen, penetrating inside the skin layers, improves the structure of the collagen net. This leads to inhibition and sometimes even reversal of the skin ageing processes.

In the Noble Health dietary supplements, it is possible to find the Acai berry extract, well-known for its unique properties. Many modern studies have proven beneficial impact of consuming this fruit, which derives from the Amazon basin. It is a rich source of protein, healthy fatty acids omega-3-6-9 and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E indispensable for proper functioning of the body. The Acai extract also has huge amounts of soluble and insoluble fibre, which plays a very important role in the digestion process. Acai berries, on account of their rich composition, supplement the diet with valuable antioxidants and fatty acids indispensable for proper functioning of the body. The presence of anti-oxidants results in the fact that they may contribute to slowing down of exogenous skin ageing processes.

Green coffee which can be found in Get Slim nutri-cosmetic is an efficient ingredient of diets. Many scientific studies proved its impact on the reduction of body mass. The chlorogenic acid contained in the extract reduces the level of sugar in the blood on account of the capacity of inhibiting the activity of glucose-6-phosphatase. This enzyme is responsible for increasing the concentration of glucose in the blood. Thanks to this, the organism satisfies its energy demands from the energy accumulated in the form of fat tissue.